Thursday, October 14, 2004


Michelle says: hey we should do bread puns
Michelle says: This post has gone a-rye
Michelle says: Baguette off your ass and do something!
Chelsea says: you hit the nail on the bread
Michelle says: He Said, She Bread
Chelsea says: In-grained in my head
Michelle says: Roll with the punches
Chelsea says: Better off Bread
Michelle says: Wanted: Bread or Alive
Chelsea says: Be quiet. Quit your challahing!
Michelle says: stop loafing around
Michelle says: nice penny loafers
Chelsea says: Rye-ht or Wrong
Michelle says: Pumpernickel and Dime Shop
Michelle says: I like the political stylings of Paul Bagel-lia
Chelsea says:I knead to make some more dough!
Michelle says: 7 Grain in my Ass
Michelle says: Fast Food Chain Carby's
Chelsea says: She Got a Fast Carb
Chelsea says: Carb Your Enthusiasm
Chelsea says: Pimp My Rye
Michelle says: Rye Does My Hearth Feel So Bad?
Chelsea says: Everybody Loves Ryemond
Chelsea says: Heather Graham Cracker
Michelle says: Can You Tell Me How to Get To Sesame Seed?
Chelsea says: Bun Affleck
Michelle says: Pita Gallagher
Chelsea says: Nan-issue
Chelsea says: Viet-nan
Michelle says: I Hope You Feel Ciabatta
Michelle says:
Chelsea says: Eat my panini
Michelle says: Go Focaccia Yourself
Chelsea says: The toilet is focaccia
Michelle says:
Chelsea says: the toilet is focaccia or fopeepee
Michelle says: You can't escape! I focaccia!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Jim and Chelsea Pun-off! THE WORD? ---> "STOCK"

Hello friends, Chelsea here! Please enjoy me and Jim's wordplay session. We had a really pun time with this! Trust me, a pun time was had by all.

[Here was where our lengthy im conversation about bs and politics went. Then, just as we were supposedly wrapping up--OUT OF NOWHERE--A PUN-OFF:]

CP (7:31:24 PM): i'll talk to you later you little extremist, you!
JN (7:31:50 PM): im' not done yet chatting
CP (7:32:21 PM): HAHAHAHA are you a stock broker-- cause that was a stock joke!
JN (7:32:39 PM): it wasnt a joke chelseroo
CP (7:32:43 PM): Are you wearing STOCKings? Are you STOCKING me?
JN (7:32:58 PM): no, but i'd like to STOCK you in the face
CP (7:33:20 PM): STOCK full of nuts?
JN (7:33:33 PM): stupid stocksucker
CP (7:34:05 PM): are you standing STOCK still?
CP (7:34:37 PM): Your hair is silky as a corn STOCK!
JN (7:35:06 PM): you should be trading your awful puns on the STOCK exchange
CP (7:35:19 PM): You are a short and STOCKY guy
JN (7:35:44 PM): you were saving that one fag
CP (7:35:59 PM): no i wasn't!
JN (7:36:45 PM): you were . had it STOCKed away
CP (7:37:02 PM): dumbass what would that even mean?
CP (7:37:18 PM): like stowed? boo.
JN (7:37:35 PM): dont get literal now you creep. and no, like a fully stocked supply stupid
CP (7:37:49 PM): STOCKED UP
CP (7:37:53 PM): gotcha
JN (7:38:02 PM): like, 'chelsea's notebook was freshly stocked with awful ideas'
JN (7:38:37 PM): youre behaving like a horse's ass because you're liveSTOCK
JN (7:38:51 PM): and i want to beat you with a branch in woodSTOCK
CP (7:38:59 PM): You stock too much!
CP (7:39:09 PM): hahahaah woodstock!
CP (7:39:45 PM): If you were on Star Wars, your character would be Dr. Stock
JN (7:40:05 PM): that's star TREK you non-pop culture knowing idiot
CP (7:40:19 PM): ahhahah fuck! that was such a good one though and you know it
JN (7:40:21 PM): who are you my grandmother?
CP (7:40:27 PM): haahahaha
CP (7:42:37 PM): he shoots to kill!
CP (7:42:49 PM): lock stock and two smoking barrels!
JN (7:43:10 PM): you stink and belong in a STOCKade
CP (7:43:40 PM): You have a run in your STOCKings you fag
JN (7:44:14 PM): i think you used that one already, dont try to sneak it in again by tossing in you fag after it
CP (7:44:41 PM): Sorry. To make up for it can I offer you some soup? Do you prefer chicken or beef STOCK?
JN (7:46:01 PM): i'd like to kick you like a STOCKker ball
CP (7:46:17 PM): hahaahha
CP (7:47:31 PM): Hold on your clock is so loud, I can hear it down here: click-stock, click-stock...
JN (7:48:58 PM): i was acgtually answering a fan IM
CP (7:49:17 PM): oh please, STOCK to the hand!
JN (7:49:20 PM): oh, sorry (fan is someone who enjoys your jokes, material, etc)
CP (7:49:27 PM): hahaha
JN (7:49:45 PM): i have to shower anyway
CP (7:50:08 PM): okay. later. i'm going to post this on my pun blog. i'll obscure your identity if you like.
CP (7:50:27 PM): i know you're probably embarassed by your "effort"
JN (7:50:34 PM): no need
JN (7:50:47 PM): i'm popular in all venues
CP (7:50:56 PM): have a luxurious shower.

Friday, October 08, 2004

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