Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google screw up spawns PUNS!!

I posted this on my blog last week...Google News screwed up (as they occasionally do) with their photos not matching the story. Here's what they initially ran:

So, this mis-match of The Who to a Bird Flu story sent my brain off on a pun tangent:

Lesser know songs by The Who:

Won't Get Flu Again
Behind Flu Eyes
Flu Together
The Kids Are All Sick
Bird Flu Reign O'er Me
Boris the Spider... who happens to be afflicted with bird flu.
So Sad About Flu
A Quick Flu While He's Away
Early Morning Cold Flu
Summertime Flu's
Who Are Flu
Flu Better Flu Bet
Phlemball Wizard
Tommy Can You Inoculate Me?

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