Monday, October 11, 2004

Jim and Chelsea Pun-off! THE WORD? ---> "STOCK"

Hello friends, Chelsea here! Please enjoy me and Jim's wordplay session. We had a really pun time with this! Trust me, a pun time was had by all.

[Here was where our lengthy im conversation about bs and politics went. Then, just as we were supposedly wrapping up--OUT OF NOWHERE--A PUN-OFF:]

CP (7:31:24 PM): i'll talk to you later you little extremist, you!
JN (7:31:50 PM): im' not done yet chatting
CP (7:32:21 PM): HAHAHAHA are you a stock broker-- cause that was a stock joke!
JN (7:32:39 PM): it wasnt a joke chelseroo
CP (7:32:43 PM): Are you wearing STOCKings? Are you STOCKING me?
JN (7:32:58 PM): no, but i'd like to STOCK you in the face
CP (7:33:20 PM): STOCK full of nuts?
JN (7:33:33 PM): stupid stocksucker
CP (7:34:05 PM): are you standing STOCK still?
CP (7:34:37 PM): Your hair is silky as a corn STOCK!
JN (7:35:06 PM): you should be trading your awful puns on the STOCK exchange
CP (7:35:19 PM): You are a short and STOCKY guy
JN (7:35:44 PM): you were saving that one fag
CP (7:35:59 PM): no i wasn't!
JN (7:36:45 PM): you were . had it STOCKed away
CP (7:37:02 PM): dumbass what would that even mean?
CP (7:37:18 PM): like stowed? boo.
JN (7:37:35 PM): dont get literal now you creep. and no, like a fully stocked supply stupid
CP (7:37:49 PM): STOCKED UP
CP (7:37:53 PM): gotcha
JN (7:38:02 PM): like, 'chelsea's notebook was freshly stocked with awful ideas'
JN (7:38:37 PM): youre behaving like a horse's ass because you're liveSTOCK
JN (7:38:51 PM): and i want to beat you with a branch in woodSTOCK
CP (7:38:59 PM): You stock too much!
CP (7:39:09 PM): hahahaah woodstock!
CP (7:39:45 PM): If you were on Star Wars, your character would be Dr. Stock
JN (7:40:05 PM): that's star TREK you non-pop culture knowing idiot
CP (7:40:19 PM): ahhahah fuck! that was such a good one though and you know it
JN (7:40:21 PM): who are you my grandmother?
CP (7:40:27 PM): haahahaha
CP (7:42:37 PM): he shoots to kill!
CP (7:42:49 PM): lock stock and two smoking barrels!
JN (7:43:10 PM): you stink and belong in a STOCKade
CP (7:43:40 PM): You have a run in your STOCKings you fag
JN (7:44:14 PM): i think you used that one already, dont try to sneak it in again by tossing in you fag after it
CP (7:44:41 PM): Sorry. To make up for it can I offer you some soup? Do you prefer chicken or beef STOCK?
JN (7:46:01 PM): i'd like to kick you like a STOCKker ball
CP (7:46:17 PM): hahaahha
CP (7:47:31 PM): Hold on your clock is so loud, I can hear it down here: click-stock, click-stock...
JN (7:48:58 PM): i was acgtually answering a fan IM
CP (7:49:17 PM): oh please, STOCK to the hand!
JN (7:49:20 PM): oh, sorry (fan is someone who enjoys your jokes, material, etc)
CP (7:49:27 PM): hahaha
JN (7:49:45 PM): i have to shower anyway
CP (7:50:08 PM): okay. later. i'm going to post this on my pun blog. i'll obscure your identity if you like.
CP (7:50:27 PM): i know you're probably embarassed by your "effort"
JN (7:50:34 PM): no need
JN (7:50:47 PM): i'm popular in all venues
CP (7:50:56 PM): have a luxurious shower.


Blogger The Write Stuff said...

Stock, in the name of love!
I'm wearing stocks and shoes.
You might try to stonewall, but we have ways of making you stock.
What's up, Stock?
Stock Baio
We went to the library and made out in the stocks.
Howard Stern's new satellite radio venture makes him a stock jock.
When the exhibitionist broker opened his trenchcoat, he was stock naked!
"Mommy, how did I get here?" "The stock brought you, dear."
George Jetson worked for Spacely Stockets.
Weren't you ever warned that if crossed your eyes they would get stock that way?

9:19 AM  
Blogger Chelsea Peretti said...

Stock on Stupid.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Drue said...

Stock right there! I can't stand it! It's all too punny!
It's a STOCKtoberfest of puns!

What would STOCKard "Rizzo" Channing say?

9:53 AM  
Blogger The Write Stuff said...

She would say, "Stock it to me, stock it to me, stock it to me!"
See Jane run. See Dick run. See Stock run.
I didn't want to get splattered when I painted, so I put on a stock.
I might be late for dinner -- I'm stock in traffic on the expressway.
His car was broadsided when her car went thru a stock sign.
The stocklight is on the performer.
When I was a child, every new mother followed the advice of Dr. Stock.
When I go to the casinos, I play only the 25-cent stocks.
Is that stock coming out of your nose, or do you have a green mustache?

12:06 PM  
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