Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fromage to You: The Cheese Post

Let me SHRED some light on the subject of cheese...

I fell off my bike and broke my Parm.
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a Cheddar.
Herman Muenster
The bank denied me for a Provolone.
I Dream of Ciligiene.
To Brie, or not to Brie...that is the cheese question!
Ricotta get going!
Just in Queso.
We Gouda get outta this place...
I was skinny dipping and everyone saw my Camabert-ass!
Hey! Don't get Fraiche with me, mister!
Janet Pecorino looks like a man.
Baseball Great Reggiano Jackson
Cheesus Christ!
In Gruyere 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
I Feta not have another, I'm driving.
Now I'm typing in a different Fontal
Dad said you have to rake the Yarg.
She's Cheddar off without him...
I Swiss you when you are away.
Halloumi back, y'all!!
Cow shit is sometimes called Manouri.
Asiago dead people!
Ewe Bleu It!!
There's Stiltons of rubble to be removed.
Jack is feeling Scrumpy today.
We fight - Romano e Romano!

Maybe I can Wedge in a few more here.....

You are the Cheese Knees!
Rolling Stone publisher, Parmesan Wenner
You Havarti the most beautiful eyes.
Stephen King is a little Morbier in his writing style.
You have the Brie to my heart.
Ed McMahon (oh crap that's how he actually spells it!)
Fontina Yothers played Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties
Fromage to Eternity

I Butter quit, I'm running out here.....

...GOD.....that was Grating!

posted by Drue!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

birch inspired pundemonium

life's a birch and then you die.
birchinia woolf
are you just browsing or are you going to birchase that?
yes ma'm will it be the flounder or the birch?
woman gives birch to quintuplets!
birch you talkin' bout, willis?!
sea birchin
bir-chelsea, it's cold.
chelsea has a tasty birchina.
birchard pryor.
richmond, birchinia
bircheoning career in the music industry.
birch you bite a chip!
birch john paul II.
this door is stuck. i can't even get it to birch.
i was just reading the obirchuaries. so sad.
70 birchins in heaven.

by chelsea and guest punblogger john.