Wednesday, January 19, 2005

They Even Sell iBuprofen

The Apple Store of the Future

[via Dong Resin]

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Elucidayton Ohio
Eluci-date and nut mix.
Eluci-date rape.
My mafia uncle always told me: "eh-you-looseadate, you find a new one."
Sam couldn't find the mysterious girl he was supposed to take to the movies because she was an elucivdate.
You know why you should never lend your underwater sea creature friend your healthy snack? Because eel-lose-a-date.

Verdict: Elucidate. Highly difficult for wordplay.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Suggest a word!

As a special new feature, we here at Punrise Punset invite you to suggest a word for future puntification. If your submission gets our synapses firing--we just may use it!

In other news: We are on our way to an honorary MENSA membership, and very excited about that! Thanks for playing your part.


Perry Ellis Island

That tr-ellis in your garden look's lovely!

Where the Wild Things Are has beautiful ellistrations.

Hey fellis, how's it goin?

(Pick accent of your choice) Ellisen to me, you not ellisening!

My brain ain't what it used to be--as a teen, I did a lot of ELLIS D.

Ellisit behavior.

Ellist of names has been posted.

Ellisabeth Hurley.

You say tomatoe, I say, to-mah-toe, ellis call the whole thing off!

Famous chellist.

Hotdog with rellis.

--Chelsea Peretti