Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google screw up spawns PUNS!!

I posted this on my blog last week...Google News screwed up (as they occasionally do) with their photos not matching the story. Here's what they initially ran:

So, this mis-match of The Who to a Bird Flu story sent my brain off on a pun tangent:

Lesser know songs by The Who:

Won't Get Flu Again
Behind Flu Eyes
Flu Together
The Kids Are All Sick
Bird Flu Reign O'er Me
Boris the Spider... who happens to be afflicted with bird flu.
So Sad About Flu
A Quick Flu While He's Away
Early Morning Cold Flu
Summertime Flu's
Who Are Flu
Flu Better Flu Bet
Phlemball Wizard
Tommy Can You Inoculate Me?

posted by [Drue]

Thursday, October 20, 2005

a dong time

it started out as someone using the word dong. we quickly went to movie puns.

dong of the dead
dong with the wind
dongtown and z-boys
lords of dongtown
red dong
dong and donger
donkey dong

trust me, there were more. it quickly degenerated into this:

indiana jones and the temple of dong
kindergarten dong
scent of a dong
donging to america
american history dong
child's dong
problem dong
dong anything
better off dong
one crazy dong
sixteen dongs
dong guns
the man who would be dong
lethal dong
hoop dongs
big dong, little china
beverly hills dong
say anydong
weekend at dongie's
another 48 dongs


if you know of a movie title, we donged it tonight.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No Can Doo

Saturday, September 10, 2005

pun at the zoo

both overheard and made up on the spot (imagine the really bad ones being said by a dad in dockers pushing a stroller or his wife tracking the five year old who is running up ahead.):

you lied, so you're a lion.
well, you cheated, so you're a cheetah.
absolute pandamonium.
i'm going to the store to get some pandaphanilia.
hot piece of octopussy.
the heat is unbearable.
[long haired orangutan] look! it's a rastatan.
they should rename it hippopootamus.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Glazed And Confused: The Donut Post!

The More Donuts, The Batter
Dunkin-g Of The Hill
I Donut Know If I Want To Pay $1 For 5 Munchkins
She Kicked Him Right In Donuts
The Carnagie Jelly
In Glaze of Others
Glazed And Confused
Philosopher Machiajelly
Tower of Powder
I Paint With Oil Crullers
My Shirt is So Old it’s Dis-Crullered
My Girlfriend Fried to Me About Not Cheating!
Come Fry With Me / Come Fry / Let’s Fry Awayyyyy
Mariah Carey film: Fritter
I Had a Rough Day, I’m ex-Frosted!
Cake On Through to the other Fried
Some These Puns are Crumb-y

I Éclair This Post is OVER!

Posted by [Drue] inspired by [Michelle]

Monday, August 29, 2005

Overshlock dot com

A reader submits the following, a skin care product set seen at

Get oily or problem skin under control with EnhanceMe's 3-piece skin care kit, the perfect path to a smooth and healthy complexion.
Foam Here to Eternity Foaming Salicylic Cleanser (4 oz.)
A foaming, therapeutic salicylic cleansing gel for oily and problem-prone skin types
Dissolves dirt and secretions
Delivers maximum allowable salicylic acid concentration
Twilight Tone BHA Toner (4 oz.)
Contains Beta-Hydroxy acid
Helps control oily and acne-prone skin
Acts as a mild exfoliant
Oil-free formula contains
Contains Salicylic Acid
Contains natural astringents witch hazel extract and eucalyptus oil
Bringin' in the Rain Oil-Free Hydrating Moisturizer (2 oz.)
Oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer
Hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin without adding oil
Contains skin-texturizing Beta-Glucaderm
Due to the personal nature of this product, this item is not returnable.

Thanks to Lindsay for the heads up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Two and I'm out

1.) Overcooked linguini is a real faux pasta.
2.) This magic trick's "TA-DAH" for!

Love forever,