Monday, March 14, 2005

"Drue are the Sunshine of My Life..."

Chelsea: My kid drue me this picture.
Chelsea: I drue the shortest straw.
Michelle: He drue the blinds and hypnotized me with a slow and erotic dance...
Chelsea: I'm drue-ling over you!
Michelle: Roses are red, violets are drue we at the pun blog really miss drue!
Chelsea: Drue Barrymore
Michelle: J. Drue
Chelsea: Druely Yours....
Michelle: Taming of the Drue
Michelle: A-Drue! God bless Drue!
Chelsea: My breasts are drue-py
Michelle: Don't be Drue-l
Chelsea: I challenge you to a dreul!
Chelsea: Druelling for oil
Michelle: Druella Deville
Chelsea: Drue-ids
Chelsea: Drue me a favor.
Chelsea: Drue unto others...
Michelle: Roto-Druetor
Chelsea: Your library book is past drue!
Chelsea: Paying your drues.
Michelle: The Drueman Show is on
Chelsea: i feel re-drue-venated!
Michelle: Drue you! I seen him first!
Chelsea: You've clearly got a coupla drue's loose!
Michelle: Drue's Cannon
Chelsea: I d-rue the day I met you....
Michelle: Happy Birthday to DRUE!
Chelsea: Mommy, why is the sky drue?
Michelle: Momy, I made drue-drue in my pants
Chelsea: Druein it and druein it and druein it well (I represent queens she was raised out in brooklyn)
Michelle: This is how we Drue it!
Chelsea: Shoobay, DRUE, sho sho shoobay DRUE
Michelle: My Drue Dads
Chelsea: Tell me the drueth, do you love me?
Michelle: Drue-de looks like a lady
Chelsea: I feel sick.....ew....I just Drue up!
Chelsea: Drue know what I mean!
Michelle: Drue read me!
Chelsea:drue need to shut up!
Michelle: stop being so drue-de
Chelsea: Drue don't know the half of it!
Michelle: so drue me
Chelsea: What'd you drue last night?
Michelle: whoop-de-drue


Blogger The Write Stuff said...

All of these are druely wonderful! How drue you drue it? I hesitate to try to top you drueling punsters. But I'm just a druey-eyed optimist and often bite off more than I can drue. So here's my last best shot:
Drueth or Consequences

12:12 PM  
Blogger jk said...

motley drue!

12:58 AM  
Anonymous drue said...

Damn. What did I drue to deserve this?


I think.....

9:54 AM  

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