Friday, February 18, 2005

If it ain't BOKEN---DON'T FIX IT.

Hello all, Chelsea here. Fellow blogger Adam Wade lives in Hoboken. He refers to the area constantly as "Boken". What follows is our IM pun session:

CHELSEA: heartboken
WADE: stuck stroken in boken
that's not a pun though
CHELSEA: absolutely not
WADE: sorry
CHELSEA: Boken Hearts Club Band
CHELSEA: Subway doesn't take bokens anymore
CHELSEA: I love boken word poetry!
CHELSEA: My car was boken down by the side of the rode!
WADE: pants are boken wet
CHELSEA: boken like a true wordsmith!
CHELSEA: boKen and Barbie
WADE: i eat boken-bits with my salads
CHELSEA: isn't it funny that we've never boken on the phone?
CHELSEA: i was running so fast, man--i was boken!
CHELSEA: A good story has a strong bokenning and end
CHELSEA: to keep my books from flopping over i use bokens

[Deleted WADE anecdote about Dad]

CHELSEA: let's not get offtopic
there's sort of an unboken rule
when you're in a pun session
CHELSEA: boken out of prison
boken fingernail
were you boken up by the phone ringing?
me and my bf are now boken up
boken dreams
WADE: the truth is seldom boken
WADE: boken english
CHELSEA: i tried to publish a post on my blog, but the html code was boken
WADE: I called him as ass, now I got a boken nose
CHELSEA: quit boken around in my things!
CHELSEA: i wasn't talking to you to boken with!
WADE: you've boken my lamp, now i want money for it
CHELSEA: you're boken up the wrong tree!
WADE: my parents vacation in boken raton
CHELSEA: how to save a boken victim
CHELSEA: let the games boken!

[From Chelsea and Adam Wade.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hoboken is lovely.

6:29 PM  
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