Friday, August 13, 2004

An Actual IM Conversation with My Mother on Her Birthday...

What follows is an example of how bad puns are taking over my life:

MOM: My best birthday gift ever was you
Michelle: Listen i'm all stocked up on schmaltz
MOM: There is always room for more schmaltz
Michelle: You know what i'm gonna get Dad for Hannukah?
MOM: What
Michelle: a HERRING aid
MOM: nighty night
Michelle: hahaha
Michelle: WAIT!
Michelle: gefilte kettle and have some tea
Michelle: and a goodnight's sleep
MOM: Good Night
Michelle: I fish you a happy birthday
MOM: you are the best
Michelle: get troutta here
Michelle: ya gotta a good sole
Michelle: and a snapper sensa humor
Michelle: k these are terrible
Michelle: I mean i can keep going if you want
Michelle: but you probably want to go to sleep
Michelle: hello?
Michelle: HELLO?
Michelle: speak to me!
Mom: Goodnight.
Mom signed off at 12:23:05 a.m.


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