Thursday, August 12, 2004

Doody Calls

Excrement Job!
Fecal Position
(covering ears) Stop That Kaka-phony!
Your impoodence is out of control
Quit stooling for time
Shit it Out of the Ballpark!
Crap Your Hands!
...I'm stool in love with poo...
Stoolen glances
Big to-doo
Much Adoo doo About Nothing
Doo the Right Thing
Doody Where's my Car
Excremental Illness
Turd base
"A little turdy told me..."
Turds and bees
Turds and Weigh
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turd-les
"I Turd it through the Grapevine..."
Read Shit and Weep
Hangin' with Mr. Pooper
Shoot some Poops
Crap Shit Logs
It takes Poo to Tango
Ass-nugget from the kitchen (as in: "I snuck it")
It takes poo to make a thing go right
"Poo Make me Feel like a Natural Woman"
Crap the whip
The Diarrheal World
DiaRhea Perlman
Don't cremate me; bury my body in a Cacaffin.
We're totally b-logging this

[Thanks to Chelsea and Michelle]


Blogger Drue said...

Mmm Hmmm.....yeah, it's me.

Poop de' Gras
Lentil poop
Poopie Goldberg
Shit rail fence
...eating her turds and whey...
Baseball Crap
Spinal Crap
Crap Dog
Poo-lio, the Crap Artist
Bounty Paper Bowels
Runaround Poo
Please don't miscon-poo my words

(let me appologize in advance for this...I'm sorry.)

Chelsea Poo-retti

By the way:
My full name is Adam Droopie-pants Ka-ka-Klinowski

1:54 PM  

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